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Macaroni Suit (& Bubble Wrap Suit): A Renaissance Outfit

The macaroni suit subtly weaves futuristic fashion with a fibrous social taboo.  Only a needle of juxtaposition could pierce such a fine fabric.

macaroni suit

Futuristic Fashion: The First Thread

At close scrutiny, the macaroni suit almost looks like it belongs on a knight.  However, take a couple steps back, and the silver macaronis are small enough to create a texture previously unknown in the fashion world.  This novel texture, combined with the nearly chrome color gives a feel that this is a fashion of the future.

The original picture of the macaroni suit is a little less exciting.  It took me about 8 hours to make the suit.

A Social Taboo: The Other Thread

In any formal setting, the idea of macaroni may seem silly enough by itself. More importantly, may God bless the man who spills some noodles on his suit jacket or trousers; this is right up there with accidentally attaching toilet paper to the heel of your shoe. But imagine coming to homecoming with macaroni purposely spilled all over you clothes. Not only is homecoming a formal occasion, but it is also under tight scrutiny by school officials to ensure there is no deviceful dress code deceit.

The suit was made of:
  • A thrift store suit
  • 10 lbs. macaroni
  • 3 cans chrome spray paint
  • 1 gallon tacky glue
  • A few pieces of spaghetti for the tie
  • macaroni suit at homecoming
    macaroni suit in the junk yard

    Juxtoposition: The Needle that Ties It Together

    So at a glance we have a high class item of clothing intended to distinguish a gentleman from the plebian.  The material composing this social-class-pogo-stick is the slop from the poor man's dinner bowl, save the cheese.  I hereby declare the macaroni suit a renaissance outfit.

    My cousin Tim took this picture (and the picture with the all black backdrop) at a junk yard in the ghetto of Cocoa.  Ryan (right) made a suit out of pennies.  Everywhere we went there was a trail of pasta and coins.

    More Renaissance Outfits (same ingredients)

    I hope you can see that the bubble wrap suit (and the penny suit) has all the same ingredients (although the penny suit may lack silliness).  The bubble wrap is silly at least in the childhood memory of popping sounds and of the lower class in that it is reminiscent of trash, but take a step back and we have a glossy translucent texture of the late 2080's.  I now leave you fine sirs and madams to make renaissance outfits of your own.  Send me a picture or your ideas.

    All I did was glue some bubble wrap onto an old suit for this one. Everyone kept popping me.

    bubble wrap suit at prom