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I feel the need to quote Mike N quoting Homer S, "The Ieentrooonet!? I thought that company went bankrupt." As we all know, the "Internet" company is not bankrupt. They have actually brought us some rather useful "websites," which I have listed below. If you know of more incredibly useful "websites" please list them here too. I can't seem to work the word "elastic" into this discussion, so I will not try to stretch the conversation out any farther, since I feel like if I do it might snap and slap my skin or fly off in some random direction. -Jay

Makes Napster look like poppycock. Download video, software, music, and real live people. Download files in parallel from several users simultaneously. People yell at me and say Gnutella is better.

Live 365
Has a radio station for every category of music (e.g. all punk love songs) and streams it.

Significantly out of hand, interactive flash animation.

The fastest, most objective search engine. Try Google Image Search too.

Hundreds of games to play against thousands of other people.

Cleaner than the other map sites due to line maps. More accurate too according to my subjectivometer.

Download free software for any purpose. Find the absolute lowest prices on earth for electronics. Get true information about software and electronics in consumer and staff reviews.

To quote the Maniacle Eric S. "These are some people with webpages. I've met them, so I'm reasonably well-convinced of their respective existences."

Todd E
As with Mike and Jay's page, this page was a freshman computer science class assignment. I've heard rumors that Todd might soon have a new webpage at theUncarveBlock.net.

Mike N
You must find the abstract art on this man's page.

Eric S
Visit the world famous Eric S. webring

The Trendys
In case you still don't know, The Trendy's are Jay's brother's band, and they are so sick that they have cancer. There's more Trendys info at The Magic Bus, and read a bit of biography as well.

My favorite band for several years.

I made this before I knew that big images took a long time to download on dial in connections.

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I would like to bring something up here that is radically off the topic. Kids are generally treated as unimportant and unintelligent. That leads to a lot problems in a domino kind of way. Please try to help this. -Jay