St. Louis, Missouri

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Jay's Cousin's Wedding



The Gateway Arch

Jay shuffles through his large bag used for transporting clothing as he covers his body with pieces of fabric in the morning. Suddenly, he says to me in a whisper, "Margaret, I can't find my pants." 'So what?' you say. 'Wear another pair!' The only problem is that Jay's orange pants will not look quite right at the wedding later that night. Thus began our adventure in the rich people's stores in the shopping plaza across the street. As we traveled through stores like Neiman-Marcus, we incurred looks that seemed to say, 'hey, you look different! We don't support variety here that hasn't been approved by our rich peers or the fashion industry.' Although the pants in Banana Republic lacked blue pinstripes, we were lucky to find a pair that didn't eat a hole in Jay's new pants pocket like acid eats your hand if you accidently drip some on it during a science experiment.

The hotel we stayed at proved to be quite interesting. As we arrived, we saw many people just like us who were moving their hands and arms around to communicate. As we left, we saw many people who didn't really look like us at all because they were wearing black suits and dresses and the guys wore interesting "top hatish" hats. It turns out that after the deaf convention, a Hasidic Jew convention was to follow. "The WWF wrestlers have stayed here before," said the driver of the Hilton airport bus. What an interesting place to stay.

The space capsule to the top of the Gateway Arch was broken when we tried to us it to shoot ourselves up to the top, but only on one side, which was the side that we were assigned to ride on. Geez, that was "just our luck". After what seemed to be 1 hour, because it really was 1 hour, the capsules began transporting once more. We claustrophobized ourselves on purpose by climbing into a small room just big enough for 4 of us to sit with our bodies bent slightly over for about 4 minutes so that we could get to the top, look out the 5"x12" windows (which really wasn't all that impressive), and travel down in the same fashion, just to be able to say "yeah, I've been to the top of the arch."

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