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Checkin' Out the Gulf

"One Mississippi." As you read those words you ate a second of your conscious slice of time in History. You might have thought of a time when you were too young to afford a watch, when you had to do funny things like say, "two Mississippi," to keep track of how long you had been alive. But what if you lost track of time? What if right after you said "three Missisiippi," a time mason built a wall between you and your ability to say the word Mississippi? Without time how would you organize your thoughts?

When you recall the events of your conscious slice of time, it's almost impossible to link the thoughts together without using time. What is the independent variable? The x-axis is no longer linear. Intimate thrills would be linked to chocolatey desserts. High school graduations might mingle with tear soaked pillows. Without time there is nothing to block happiness: a clear, calm mind. Seratonin levels would peak out from behind the clouds. The happiness and non-traditional associations between memories would breath violently new ideas. You would scream so loud that after the time wall crumbled from the shockwaves the rest of the real world would hear you say, "Infinity Mississippi."

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