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Mexico is a crazy place to be. Pharmacists, who you know are only wearing the white lab coats because they want to look like doctors but really aren't, are constantly trying to get you to buy drugs that you need a prescription for in America, like Viagra or Prozac. Restaurant employees are jumping in front of you saying. "Two-for-one margaritas!" and then you haggle with them (because that's what you're supposed to do in Mexico) by asking for ten-for-one margaritas and they say no. Children are begging you to give them money, buy their necklaces, or let them braid your hair. Jay offered some scalloped potatoes he was eating to some kids begging us for money, forgetting that we were in Mexico and that they would seriously take him up on his not so serious offer. Of course they grabbed the potatoes when Jay held them out and ran away. At least they stopped bugging us for money.

Sometimes I wonder exactly what Mexicans think of Americans. They build little restaurants and call them Taco Bell, possibly thinking that Americans will get tricked by the name and say, "oh, that sounds familiar. Let's eat there." They are constantly trying to sell you things you don't need at prices you don't want to pay. There must be some pretty stupid Americans that buy that minature violin that doesn't work for $50 or that hammock that you didn't know you needed for $30. And they are all selling the same stupid things, like bracelets, sunglasses, action figures, and stupid painted imitation disney or pokemon statues. Jay wanted to buy an accordian, and the only person selling them wanted $12 for one. So we bought one on our way out of Mexico from a little kid playing it on the side of the road for $10. That kid was possibly the happiest kid alive.

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