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When we first entered Texas, I was like, "Woah this place is pretty cool." It had a kickbutt welcome center, we got to see Houston the most polluted city in the U.S. in 2001, and San Antonio was pretty interesting. After San Antonio we played in beautiful hills covered in wild flowers. But, then as the scenery changed, I was like, "Woah this place makes me claustrophobic." We traveled through 9 hours of boring hills that all looked the same (well almost). We stopped at gas stations that looked like the ones you would see in desert movies. As we pulled up, the only two people around were sitting in the doorway of the convenience store. As Jay walked towards them to pay for his gas, the only sounds you could hear for kilometers were their voices and the shuffles of his feet. Along the highway, signs read, "Don't Mess with Texas." "Don't Drive through West Texas" would be more suitable. It's boring. -Marg

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