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Graduation from Cocoa Beach High, 16th of May 2003

I wasn't there to see it, but I am the proudest brother in the world.  People say that all the time, but if you say it to me, I will fight you for the title.  If you want to wheel barrow race or just duke it out - knife fight, gun duel, remote control car chicken, whatever you got - bring it on.  In the picture, he's conducting a version

(photo by Malcom Denemark of Cocoa Beach, FL)

of "Wherever You Will Go" that he arranged (here is a midi music file of his arrangement) for the chorus to sing at graduation.  This is not another cool kid.  Let me tell a kwik story I just heard about graduation.  The teacher voted by the students to speak at graduation, Mr. Barlow, was recounting some of the amazing achievements of the precious students: (paraphrased but not joking) ".... And Joe Hoodilly's swimming talents, and little Jennifer Joobobby in the chemistry lab.... and ... just.... Beau."  I would like to just transfer the knowledge I have of what this out-of-the-room-that-the-charts-were-in kid is capable of, but I will have to resort to old fashioned hoopla wth a pinch of ballyhoo.  He is my teacher, especially on interpersonal communication and relationships.  Do you know anyone who played varsity sports since 7th grade, was president of their class, made skate videos, composed umpteen songs, marched competitive national drum core (Teal), took calculus II, taught drum classes and gave private lessons, had tons and tons of academic and professional accomplishments at the age of 18, and still managed to throw awesome parties and be a mega-pimp of a cool guy? And character... this kid has it.  When the cool kid on the bus made fun of the fat kid one too many times, Beau pointed out the hot shot's insecurities.  (Get out your hanky) Look, what I am trying to say here is that if you let me create the perfect brother, and I could make him like anything I wanted, like with turbo charged rocket boosters, or maybe a little bit taller, or if he could have a cool nickname, or blow bubbles out of his nose, I wouldn't want any of that, because my brother is really perfection for me.  He is everything I could ever want, and then he surprises me with more stuff like pulling rocks out of his shoe, but instead they are thoughts from his head or punkrock passion from his heart.  Amen (preach it).

This webpage was put up from England a few hours after Beau graduated in FL.  How about it science?