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Chris Alvino

Chris Alvino's Research Page is HERE

I remember the first day I met Chris we had to hand in homework, and a bunch of nerds were trying to conquer one of the questions.  Chris was all "I don't know, I think you can use such and such rule, but man I think it's hard." I sensed it right away; he was playing the math cool-card.  When I caught him alone later he had his mits on a typed version of his homework.  I prodded him in the stomach until some biographical data came out of his pie hole, and I decided to follow him home. Turned out he can play the guitar as good as the pencil, and he was vegetarian and knew the history of punk.  You might be thinking this is no big deal, but then you have to remember here we are at Georgia Blech.  Anyway, it's Dec. 2004 now, and Chris is still treading water in Atlanta, I just IM'd him.  He's almost caught up to the PhD-carrot.  He mentioned working for some tech companies or doing a post doc.  He got pretty excited at the idea of working for Lego.  He adores music, backgammon, healthy food, and emotions, and when he talks about beauty like that he gets a different tone in his voice than when he talks about his research.  Not a better tone, just sounds like he's using the other side of his brain to control his voice.  If you ever need some cash you should bankroll this kid at high stakes Texas Holdem, cause he's good, I really mean it.  He's got a lot of sides to him, but he's simple to work with and quick to fascination.  I always find new sides and layers to him, but not with any rush.  He shows me how to clean up my academic jams.

Here's his girlfriend