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Box Drummer makes mystery appearance at Beach Shack

On the first weekend in December, 2005, Ben Prestage played the Beach Shack unannounced with his oldtime harp player Dave Hawkins. Box Drummer gets a call...."come to the Beach Shack boxdrummer!" So., this time he took his box, brushes AND a low boom mic stand, a mic, and his Marshall amp...and played amped, a boxdrummer first. ....a crowd pleaser....a few solo's, several rounds of applause...a fanning off, and a sweat wipe while playing from the Rev. Billy who came in to watch. he even seemed impressed...he's already figuring out how to create a full set of drums using boxes so Boxdrummer can play with him. Bruce Johnson showed up and played harp with Dave, very different styles and they play great together. So a foursome it was. Ben kept turning around and yelling to Boxdrummer "I love that! turn it up" so up it went and he just played his heart out...loving every second, every beat, every was the most fun he's had playing since the OLD days!!! Exhausted...a few blisters...but he's flying high! Ben announced evey set that you'll NEVER see a group like this ANYWHERE in the WORLD! TWO harp players...(and Ben was playing his cigar box guitar) and TWO boxes being played simultainiously, as ONE group!!! Ben was great as usual....and the four of them had a BLAST playing...they played way past the Sunday night one seemed to mind. The word on the street is, "Look out comes the BOXDRUMMER!"...anyone got a band-aid for his finger? It's 'bout down to the bone!!

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