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Conversation Between my Roommates - 2000 - Atlanta, GA


The following is the unedited conversation of whatever I could type while my roommates had it out.  Keith has been staying in the living room for the last week and a half.  Luke lives in one of the bedrooms in my apartment.  They met through religious gatherings.  They're both Christian crusader types.  Keith is a Georgia Tech grad and has been out of work for a few years.  Luke is a 5th year senior mechanical engineering major at Georgia tech.  Luke has been enlightened by a revelation from God.  He's also kind of hyperactive.  Keith just came home around 10:00 p.m.  The scene is the living room of a four bedroom somewhat institutional college apartment.

(Enter Keith)

LUKE: What did you do today?

KEITH: I went to the ME building

LUKE: what did you see?

KEITH: I saw it was big.  What did you do?

LUKE: do you want to see my planner?

KEITH: I'd rather if you told me

LUKE: .... helped an unconcious guy ... met with people about my project for 4 hours ... Do you think my life is challenging?

KEITH: Why are you asking me that?

LUKE: Do you think my life is challenging?

KEITH: I think you're out to prove something.  I don't know what it is or why you want to? I think you're trying to prove something to yourself.

LUKE: What makes you say that?

KEITH: I think you have a sensational desire to be in control of everybody.  I'm no psychologist.

LUKE: Why do you say that?

KEITH: There are a lot of indicators.

LUKE: What are the indicators?

KEITH: Well, you keep very busy, you're pushy, and you like to be in control.  And in some perspectives that could be good or that could be bad.  Here at Tech, that could be good.  But when you try to cotnrol people, that's bad.

LUKE: What do you feel that I am?

KEITH: Don't ask me what I feel.  What do you think about what I just said? A lot of people would be offended at what I just said. You quiz me every time you see me.

LUKE: You know what Keith, I'm either going to get it or you're out of here.  Either you're going to prove to me that you're off your ass.  You are infringing on my rights.  You are an inconvenience to me.  I don't need this.  Unless I have factual proof that you are using this time then leave.  I want proof that you are using this time.  This is my house you will treat me with respect. 

KEITH: You owe me respect too.

LUKE: I don't owe you that.  You owe me answers to my questions.

KEITH: As a brother in Christ you owe me respect.  You're not listening to me.

LUKE: I'm gonna say something.

KEITH: You don't let me talk.  I want to say something.

LUKE: I'm gonna tell you something.

KEITH: I've been working on my resume.  I've been out.  Talkin to guys.  You only see part of the situation.

LUKE: From now on this is going to take place.  You are going to tell me your entire day.  Write it down on paper.

KEITH: I'm not a five year old.  That's ridiculous.

LUKE: It will only take five minutes of your time.

KEITH: Well what do you think I'm going to do if you make me do that?

LUKE: Well I know you're going to leave. 

KEITH: You are really treating me bad.

LUKE: Yeah that's right I'm treating you bad.

KEITH: You are going back on what you said.  You are going back on your word.

LUKE: You are using this as a launch pad.  Unless you are willing to answer to me.  I want a report dictating how you spent your day.  I want proof.  That's it.  I want proof of what you're doing.  Just like you do at a job.  At a job you do a report on what you do with your time.

KEITH: I'm not an employee, I thought I was your friend.  You're not acting like a friend.

LUKE: It's simple.  It takes 15 to 20 minutes to do tops.  I'm talking general type things.  I'm talking one page.  Just a time line throughout your day.  How you spent your day. 

KEITH: I already write down what I do.  Sun. 3rd went to Christ church.  Mon. etc. I write it all down.

LUKE: I want proof that every single day is a day that you're taking steps to get back on your feet.  I'm not gonna bend on that you know.

KEITH: I'm glad to tell you what I'm doing. 

LUKE: Okay I just want you to do that.  You think I'm cold!? Someone's got to tell you the truth.

KEITH: You claim to be a christian.  You have addictions.  You chew tabacco and claim to be a Christian.

LUKE: Show me in the bible where it says that.  Show me in the bible where it says that.

KEITH: You claim I'm lazy but I'm not.

LUKE: I disagree.  I don't think your calling is to take a year and a half off from work.  All I want to do is evaluate day by day "Is Keith being lazy? Did Keith spend his time productively today?" Your time is spent so bad.

KEITH: No one else would say that.  You mock me so rudely.

LUKE: It's only going to get worse.  I demand that you get on your feet.  I demand it. I demand it. I don't see that demand in your life.  I want to see things.  But if that's too much.... I'm gonna question you.  You got to prove yourself to me.  You better get over it.  I don't need another issue in my life.  This is not a shelter.  If you're not going to use this time then there's nothing there.  What do you want me to do? You're a stranger.  I got a guy I barely know in my house.  This is my house.  This is my house.  And you're a guest in my house.  I don't want you taking advantage of me.

KEITH: I've never taken advantage of anyone.

LUKE: You took advantage of Carl.  He gave you jobs and you turned them down.  You're lazy.

KEITH: You don't know what you're talking about.  I guarantee I'm not lazy.

LUKE: Are you going to prove to me on a day to day basis?

KEITH: I'll do my best.

LUKE: There needs to be a reasonable time frame. 

KEITH: The thing I keep remembering now is the time you prayed that the lord would change my situation, and now you're trying to change it.

LUKE: I prayed for wizdom. I didn't know what to do.  Like what the heck do I do God? I've got a 31 year old man living in my house.  What the heck to I do? Do I need this in my life.  The only thing I know to do is to continue this situation if I know without a shadow of a doubt that you'll use this time wisely.

KEITH: You're coming across to me with this attitude that don't know what to do with.

LUKE: What the heck would I do if I didn't have a job.  I would have classifieds out.  You lie to me. The fact that you're living at your mom's house the whole time before.

KEITH: You decide whatever you want to about me.


LUKE: I will.

KEITH: And in the end we're all creatons.

LUKE: Exactly.  What the heck do you want me to do?

KEITH: I did not expect this situation.

LUKE: Why not?

KEITH: The way I've seen....

( I walk out and hang up the portable phone)

KEITH: I expect you to expect me to get off my butt.  I don't understand why I mean I don't know.   Maybe I expected you to not be so reacted about it.  I don't know if that makes any sense.


LUKE: Not really.

KEITH: You seem nervous all the time.

LUKE: Part of the reason I'm nervous is because I take amphetamines to counteract my learning disability.  Sometims chewing taobacco counteracts that.  I am a steward with my time.
(sighing , sarcastic laughter)
I want a date when my roommates can know you're going to move out.  No matter what happens in the situation I will not feel guilty at all.  It's been a week and a half. 

KEITH: You know like I said man I've been working on my resume. 

LUKE: Where did you take it? Things came up right.

KEITH: Right.

LUKE: Well you have a lot of excuses.

KEITH: You're being so negative.  I have alot of reasons. 

LUKE: You have a lotta lotta reasons.  Your going to run out of excuses.

KEITH: Well I mean I'm not going to run out in my view.  When I was at this school for 4 and half years I didn't waste my time. I have a better idea of my future than I've ever had.

LUKE: That's good.

KEITH: It's great.

LUKE: Okay.  Reep what you sow.  Your mom has to move just to kick you out of home.

KEITH: That's not what happened. 

LUKE: That's all cause of god's plan right?  How much do you owe carl? I don't think God's plan incorportates that kind of stuff. Pushing people.  Dishonor.

KEITH: Oh I thought pushing people was good the way you act. Pharasees was talking about the same kind of stuff.


LUKE: Is that what you think you are Jesus? Walking around all holy? See things I don't see?

KEITH: I thought you were a christian.  Are you giving me Christian love? You're mocking me.

LUKE: I'm rebuking you Keith.  I'm rebuking you.

KEITH: By whose authority. 

LUKE: By the authority of Jesus christ.  I'm exposing you. You're a sloth.

KEITH: I'm exposing you.

LUKE: On what grounds? Oh I'm a slave to the world. 

KEITH: You have a bad attitude.

LUKE: Oh well you used to have one.

KEITH: Your observations are based on theory.

LUKE: Are you challenging me with YOUR life style? I think you use that as justification for your laziness.

KEITH: you see what you want to see.

LUKE: Maybe you're right.

KEITH: I think I am.

LUKE: You're very much right.  You're right on the ball Keith.

KEITH: I know I'm right.

LUKE: Oh you know you're right.  I can dictate how the situation plays out.  Either (A) you leave or (B) you are productive.  There is no (C).  You are not being productive with (A) getting housing and (B) getting a job.  Making a resume only takes 30 minutes.  I don't see you going out and applying for a job.  You need to be proactive here and make something happen.  My reaction is going to define the situation.  And I know that so now I am going to react.  I surround myself with people who are going to enhance me.  Iron sharpens iron.  You don't sharpen me Keith.  You pull me down. 

KEITH: I have been trying to let you help me.  You have a whole other level of arrogance that you don't even see. 

LUKE: Either you want help or you don't.

KEITH: You are exasperating me "Don't exasperate your sons or daughters"

LUKE: What happens when god told you to spare your mother and you wouldn't move out. 

KEITH: You mock me.

LUKE: All I'm saying is this was going to happen.  I'm not giving you my standard.

KEITH: Yes you are " I demand that you be productive."  For one thing I've been trying to get my music thing up and going.

LUKE: How many jobs did you interview for this past week and a half. 

KEITH: None.  You have tunnel vision of my life

LUKE: What the heck do you want me to have.  I've only known you for the past few months. 

KEITH: I've told you more about my life than I've told anyone..  Look at the past week and a half.

LUKE: What does that mean.   I don't want to look at the past week and a helf. 

KEITH: You want me to get an interview?

LUKE: Yes.  Let's do it.  Take the first job you get.

KEITH: Why do I have to do it like that?

LUKE: Because it's my place. 

KEITH: You're not giving me enough time. 

LUKE: How much time does it take to go out and get a job.  Why don't you have motive.  Why do you need to borrow my food and stuff? Why?

KEITH: I had to.  I had to eat.

LUKE: You didn't have to.  Why don't you get a job?

KEITH: If you knew the reason you'd understand.

LUKE: Oh what do you want a big drum roll.

KEITH: I'm not telling you.  You've already made up your mind. You believe in carnality.

LUKE: He has been revealed to me by the father.  The holy spirit came into me.

KEITH: The only tangible thing you have is the bible.  You have no relation to god or the holy spirit.  And you've seemed to abandon god anyway.  You seem to mock me.  I guess I should expect that because that's the way the world is. 

LUKE: Leave my house.  I'm giving you 30 minutes to leave my house.

KEITH: am I that bad to you

LUKE: yep

(time lapse)

KEITH: Where's my stuff.

LUKE: I put it outside.

<door open>

KEITH: It's not outside

LUKE: Outside the main door

KEITH: I did have respect for you even up to the end of this conversation.  But not any more.