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Valentine's Day, 2004

In the beginning, Jodi picked me up from the pad.


At the risk of getting into some trouble, we rolled over to Torrell's with Loags and the cuz (Ryan)

Slapping faces the latest trend.


Logan and Chris Bust Out "Fighting" Cause of a Slap Gone Wrong (AVI 3MB)


Then in the car to Mango Tree and Pineapple Point.


A stop at Speedway for some gas with the ever so popular Speedway employee of the month, Paul.


Some girl in Mango Tree who challenged me to a game of checkers on my jacket.


Pineapple point.  The dance floor was empty, but we f'd it up, and then everyone joined in.


On this particular night, DJ Josh (left) decided to inform Jodi that I was "a faker".  Thanks man!  I also liked the time he told Mollie that I probably didn't go to college or else why would I be working at Taco City.


Morgan Rojas.


Scooter tried to seduce Jodi. He used the ever popular "you got the purse, the girl ain't goin nowhere" strategy.