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NYC War/GOP Protest, August 28-29, 2004

250,000 protestors, 10,000 police, and Jay and Jodi

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Saturday, 8/28/2004

Washington Square Arch

On Saturday, there was a big Green rally in Washington Square Park.

On the main stage there were so many speakers and performers including Camejo (Nader's running mate).
The Green Stage
The square invited all artists, performers, political groups, yogis, and anyone else to voice their opinions against the war/occupation.  One group played a mock game of monopoly with people dressed up like Bush, Rumsfeld, Sharon, etc.
There was a sign that said "Have you ever wanted to sling mud like the politicians do?" This was a fun game worth the $1.
We trucked it over to ground zero to "ring out" the GOP convention.  We saw a truck that seemed to have parked in the wrong place overnight.
We saw these guys too, but I can't figure out what their message is.  That's baby G.W. down in the stroller.
Ground Zero is just a flat cement block with bars around it.  There were thousands of people "ringing out" the Republicans with bells, and there were so many people from
There were cops everywhere with little play motorcycles.  Jodi thought they were mopeds so we asked them and they were like, "No way these things are scooters."


Sunday, 8/29/2004: The Protest

Jay with the Greens & Camejo
We marched with the Nader/Camejo contingency.
Every age group, race, culture, sexual orientation, and style of person you could imagine was walking, marching, and dancing against war.
There were signs for people and signs for the helicopters and blimps.
Every liberal group you have ever heard of was represented.

Jodi at Madison Square
It was most intense when we walked by the building where most of the convention was taking place.  There was a big paper dragon that was lit on fire here.
The visually most powerful statement made was probably the 1000 coffins carried at the end of the march.
There were too many great things to show or talk about.  But, I think that events like this go way beyond what you can see or hear.  All the people who attend a protest get educated and inspired to do more.  I think events like this self perpetuate their theme.  I am definitely not stopping here.  There's never any reason to go to war; this war was an unprompted unilateral attack on a nation that is no more threatening than a dozen or so other nations.
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